• Cordwainer Shoes Retreat with Molly Grant June 18-22, 2018


    Join Molly Grant June 18-22, 2018 Cordwainer Craft: Making Classic Handmade Leather Shoes

    The Cordwainer Shoe workshop begins with an introduction by Molly Grant, which includes a brief history of the Cordwainer Shop, founded in 1925.  Using original tin patterns from the 1920s, students will learn about basic pattern-making.  From start to finish, this process is 100% hands-on shoe work.

    Students choose from an array of leathers and their shoes are made to their exact foot measurement. From cutting the leather, lacing the uppers together and culminating with hand-lacing the soles to the uppers, Cordwainer shoes are unique in the world of shoemaking. The final product leaves the students feeling amazed and proud of their unique shoes.

    Monday: Students arrive at the McKenzie River Inn at 8:30am, Class starts at 9am.  Molly traces feet and students select shoe styles and leather.

    Tuesday: After eating breakfast, students dive into pattern tracing and cutting leather for shoe uppers. Lunch is served in the workshop garden and the afternoon is spent finishing uppers and making soles.  Join together for a delicious dinner with everyone, and then a bonfire next to the river will be enjoyed!

    Wednesday: Breakfast on the patio and then Students finish their uppers and begin sole lacing. By the end of the day their shoes are ready for lasting, shaping and tightening in the oven. Another delicious lunch, and dinner in the evening. 

    Thursday:  Another great breakfast and more work on your shoes.  Lunch and Dinner are enjoyed with a bonfire later that evening.

    Friday: This morning after breakfast, students add heels and taps, then complete sole trimming, waxing and burnishing sole edges, and removing lasts. Then students put the finishing touches on their shoes, such as personalized sock linings and laces. With their beautiful new shoes on their feet, students gather to admire each others work. Departure.