How I Got Here

I’ve been an professional artist since 1993 when I got out of the Marine Corps and went to Florida to work in the theme parks as a scenic artist.  I worked all over the U.S. and in Portugal and Holland building aquarium, museum and zoo exhibits.  After getting injured in Holland, I went back to Tucson to recover and ended up starting my own mural company which later lead to a degree in Interior Design and a contracting company for paint and murals.  

When I moved back from Colorado to Tucson in 2008, I joined up with my local fly shop Drycreek Outfitters and the gentlemen there got me into Project Healing Waters.  I learned to cast better, tie flies, and build a fly rod.  Which then lead me to want to build a fly rod case out of leather.  I found that leather was my favorite medium and I started creating cases, handbags and other accessories.  I found that I could sell online and that opened a brand new direction for me.  I packed up everything I had and put it in storage, bought an RV and took off out of Tucson to find all the rivers that I heard of.  I was out for about a year and a half and then went to Pendleton, Oregon for it's annual leather convention.  I met the local people and loved the area, fishing is great and the weather is much cooler than Arizona.  I started working in Monte Beckman's saddle shop, to learn pointers from the Master and work on my products.  He decided to consolidate his two shops and I had the opportunity to rent his old shop at 141 S Main Street January 1, 2015.  I did a lot of remodeling and am now very busy making inventory and yes, still fishing.  I find new inspirations for my artwork and leather wherever I go, I get to meet great people and be who I want to be.  Please come visit when you are in the area!  Maybe we can tie some flies and I am happy to point you in the direction of good fishing!  Big hugs!